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  >> Latest Website Plant Updates << 01.07.2016 Plant Update Added the following Plants, vft - Fused Tooth, 27.06.2016 Plant Update Added the following Plants, Sarracenia - Scarlet Empress, Sarracenia - Temptress, Sarracenia - Thunderdance, 19.06.2016 Plant Update Added the following vft Plants, Darwin, 28.05.2016 Plant Update Added the following Plants, Darlingtonia Californica “Cobra Lilly”   27.05.2016 Plant Update Added the following Plants, Kurze Zahne, Giant Peach, S.Purpurea SSP Purpurea - Lake Windermere, S.Purpurea SSP Venosa, Red Form, 25.05.2016 Plant Update Added the following Sarracenia Plants, S. Flava var rugelii giant x S. Flava “Kimber Red Ruffles” ,S. x Moorei Copper Top x S.Flava var rubricorpora x S. Flava var atropurpureaLadies In Waiting, 18.05.2016 Plant Update Added the following VFT Plants, Space, Galaxy, Mini-Me, Brutal Shark, Black Pearl,
Welcome to the world of Carnivore Plants. We have grown many types  of Carnivorous Plants for well over 30 years as a hobbyist. To which we now have an ever growing very large collection of carnivorous plants. Each year we are now breeding many new hybrids of Sarracenia & Venus Flytrap, Cephalotus, & Nepenthes. Over time we will be offering many of our Spare Plants & Seeds here on our website to which some of them will be “New” & never seen before.
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