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View Some Of The Plants We Grow Here At Our Plant Nursery     >> Latest Website Plant Updates << 20/04/2014: Plant Update: I have added the following Venus Flytrap plants into the website. Aki Ryu, Claytons Volcanic Red, Red Sawtooth, Royal Red, Korean Melody Shark, Red Piranha. Many more plants will be added soon.. 10/04/2014: Plant Update: I have added the following plant into the website. Cephalotus Big Boy. Into the albany pitcher section. 21/03/2014: Plant Update: I have added the following plants into the website. Venus Flytraps - Big Mouth Schuppenstiel2, Sawtooth, And i have also started to add Sarracenia plants into the Sarracenia section. I will be adding many more plants over the coming weeks & months as they become available. Carnivore Plants Website Blog Checkout what’s happening Here at the Carnivore Plants Nursery. > View Blog < Last Updated 01.11.2013 Welcome to the world of Carnivore Plants. We have grown many types  of Carnivorous Plants for well over 30 years as a hobbyist. To which we now have an ever growing very large collection of carnivorous plants. Each year we are now breeding many new hybrids of Sarracenia & Venus Flytrap, Cephalotus, & Nepenthes. Over time we will be offering many of our Spare Plants & Seeds here on our website to which some of them will be “New” & never seen before.
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