Albany Pitcher Plant “Cephalotus Follicularis” 
Rare in the wild. This highly desirable plant  is found only in some bogs in the extreme south western tip of Australia. This plant can be kept in a cool greenhouse, conservatory or  on a windowsill. The more sunlight the more red colouration will develop but you must also avoid scorching ceramic pots are great for keeping the roots cool in the summer time. While it is not necessary for the plant to permanently stand in water it is vital to ensue that the soil never dries out. During the winter months the plant should be kept just lightly moist & will also tolerate slight frosts. But we prefer to keep our greenhouse is kept frost free over the winter at around 5’C. Tap water will kill the plant over time so it is best to use rainwater.  Standard Form: Adrian Slacks Clone: German Giant: Big Boy: Hummers Giant: Carnivore Plants Giant Dudley Watts:
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