Albany Pitcher Plant Care Guide
Care Guide For Albany Pitcher Plants “Cephalotus Follicularis” Cephalotus require partial to full sunlight during the summer months. They like about 10-14 hours of sunlight if possible during the growing summer season. But in the winter about 8-10 hours of sunlight will be sufficient if you want to keep there nice colouration. Like other carnivorous plants they do NOT like tap water. You MUST use only pure rain water, or Distilled water or Reverse Osmosis water. some people say you need humidity to grow these plants successfully and that its essential for the plants survival. But we grow our plants in a greenhouse with very low humidity especially during the hot dry summer months. They enjoy being placed where they can receive a good amount of daylight & full sunshine which will give there traps a very deep rich colouration. If placed in a shady place there traps will remain a green colour (see Photo On Left Side). During the a very hot summer they will benefit from some slight shading or putting the pot into a clay dish or slightly larger ceramic pot which will help to keep the plant pot cooler. Which in turn can also help to keep the plant roots cool. Winter care: - In its Natural habitat Cephalotus will experience a "winter Rest" kinda like going dormant they will produce non carnivorous leafs. Short daylight hours and lower temperatures 55° - 70°F, 13° - 21°C..  they can also survive light brief frosts. But we prefer to try & avoid frosty conditions & our plants in our greenhouses are kept at a minimum of 5 °C. Throughout there winter period.
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