Below are a number of link that are useful to new carnivorous plant growers. They are good websites for finding out more helpful information about growing carnivorous plants.  
Carnivore Plants
Carnivorous Plants Specialist
Beginners Guide To Other Carnivorous Plant Websites.
Useful Links To other Carnivorous Plant Websites.
The Carnivorous Plant Society “UK”  A website that brings together all UK growers of carnivorous plants. They have really great growers guides packed full of information & help on growing your plants. As well as a members seed bank where members can exchange carnivorous plant seeds. >> The Carnivorous Plant Society Website << International Carnivorous Plant Society. Another great International Carnivorous Plant Website with more great growing information. >> International Carnivorous Plant Society << Various “YouTube” Carnivorous Care Guide Videos. The Venus Flytrap / How to Grow a Venus FlyTrap Nepenthes Basics: How to Grow Nepenthes Carnivorous Pitcher Plants WINTER DORMANCY FOR SARRACENIA PITCHER PLANTS AND VENUS FLY TRAP REPOTTING CARNIVOROUS PLANTS NEPENTHES Hot and Cold Growth Chambers for Orchids, Lowland Carnivores, Ultra Highland Nepenthes Cephalotus Pitcher Plant Care Tips and Tricks to Cobra Lily Care Darlingtonia Californica