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The Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea Muscipula) is the most well known species of all carnivorous plants. These insectivorous plants lure their prey into sprung traps that close when prey trigger the tiny hairs inside the trap. Venus Fly Traps are very easy to grow, as long as they are given the proper growing conditions required. Lighting Requirements: These plants need to be stood in full sun during the summer growing season. Which will help them grow fresh new large traps and also give them there full bright Red Coloured Traps. If these plants are not given good lighting conditions there bright traps will most probably fade in colouration. And if grown in a shady place will remain mostly green in colour. Watering: You must always use “Pure” water like rainwater, Distilled Water or Reverse Osmosis water. As tap water will most likely kill your plants due to the high mineral & lime scale content. Bottled Water is also not good for your plants due the the high mineral content in the bottled water. Your plants during the summer months from late February - Early October The plant pot should be stood in a small saucer or tray with about 1 inch of rainwater this should keep your plant heavily moist for the summer growing season. You will need to top up the water as needed. During the winter months your plants should be kept just lightly moist so you should reduce the water in the tray to around 5mm deep. Check the plant regularly to make sure the soil is kept just moist. As these plants must never be allowed to fully dry out. Winter Care: Venus Flytraps need a period of winter dormancy where the plant is exposed to the colder winter months. We find it best to keep the plants no lower than about 5 deg C But they can go below freezing for short periods of time but it is not recommended. The plants in the autumn will slow down growing & start to die back. You need to then put the plant in an unheated greenhouse or a cool bedroom room window sill would be fine. And also you will need to reduce the amount of water to keep the plant just moist but not to wet. There traps my die back & go black & look quite dead. In the spring bright New growth should start emerging around the end of February - March. You then need to move your plant back into a full sunny position which will help new growth emerge. Compost: Venus Flytraps like a compost mix of 2 part Sphagnum Peat Moss to 1 part Perlite Or Washed Sand. Do not use any normal planting compost as the nutrients in the normal Plant compost will kill your plant.