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The easiest way to propagate Pygmy Sundews is from Gemmae. Pygmy Sundews Produce Gemmae in the winter months which in there native habitats is normally the “Wet Season” The Gemmae  is a modified leaf which is a vegetative bud produced by the plant as means of a-sexual propagation. As lower light levels & cooler temperatures approach. These conditions stimulates the plant into producing Gemmae. The Gemmae appear in the centre crown of the plant where plant growth normally appears during the year. To propagate Gemmae it is very easy to do. Once you have your fresh gemmae available all you need to do is fill a pot with Sphagnum peat moss making sure it is thoroughly wet as in the photo on the left. The soil must be wet as gemmae will only grow in wet moist conditions. You can now start to sow your Gemmae onto the Sphagnum peat moss soil. But we find that Sphagnum peat moss soil can be prone to mould or fungus growth especially during the winter months. So we have found that if you sprinkle some horticultural washed sand on the top of the sphagnum peat moss soil. The small layer of sand can help prevent heavy infestation of moulds & fungus from interfering with the new growth of the gemmae. See the photo on the right shows the sphagnum peat moss soil lightly covered with horticultural washed sand. This is just an option that you can use but you can use just the sphagnum peat moss soil without sand if you prefer. Now that your sowing media is ready. You are now ready to start to sow your gemmae onto the surface of the sphagnum peat moss soil or sand. Gemmae are very tiny we have found the easiest way to pick them up is to use a small pointy object like a pencil if you dip the point of the pencil in some rainwater it will help the gemmae to stick to the wet pencil. Once you have the gemmae attached to the end of your pencil you can place the gemmae individually onto the Sphagnum peat moss soil or sand. You can experiment in different ways to transfer the gemmae onto the soil or sand for what works easiest for you. Once you have placed the gemmae onto the Sphagnum peat moss soil or sand. They will take a number of weeks before that start growing. Photo’s below show how they start to grow. They need to be place that has good light like a window sill or greenhouse & they must be kept warm we keep our gemmae at a minimum temperature of 5’C
Pygmy Sundew - Gemmae Propagation
Gemmae sown onto the potting media. Gemmae after about 2 - 3 weeks after sowing.