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  >> Latest Website Plant Updates << 04.10.2020 Plant Update New Plants Update, Sarracenia - leucophylla -- Red Stripe throat (Rare), 21.09.2020 Plant Update New Plants Update, Sarracenia Thunderdance, Sarracenia “Bloodwulf”  Sarracenia Leucophylla Hybrid, Sarracenia - Juthatip Soper, Sarracenia - Temptress,  Sarracenia ‘luminescence’ Giant, Sarracenia ‘Green Goddess’  20.09.2020 Plant Update New Plant Divisions Available, Sarracenia x Moorie - 'Leah Wilkerson' Walton Co, FL.,W,  (B.Garcia),  Sarracenia x Moorei 'Leah’s Child’ Sarracenia flava “Goldie”, S.xMoorei - Florida, W, S. flava var. rugelii x leucophylla (H34 MK)  Sarracenia Purpurea - Smurf, 20.09.2020 Plant Update Plants Now Available ‘Limited Stock Sensitive Plants. 20.09.2020 Website Update  You can also follow our facebook updates on >> Facebook <<
Welcome to the world of Carnivore Plants. We have grown many types of Carnivorous Plants for well over 40 years as a hobbyist. To which we now have an ever growing large collection of plants. Each year we also breed many new hybrids of Sarracenia & Venus Flytrap, Cephalotus, & Nepenthes. Over time we will be offering many new Plants & Seeds on this website to which some of them will be “New” & never seen before. We will also be offering other plants like Bonsai trees & Other types of plants as well as we expand the plants we grow at our small nusery.
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