Sarracenia Care Guide
Care Guide For Sarracenia (North American Pitcher Plant) The Basic care for Sarracenia is pretty much the same as for "Venus Flytraps” Plants. Lighting & Watering Requirements: Sarracenia Pitcher Plants love full sunlight. 6+ or more hours of direct sunlight if possible and this will improve the colouring of the plant as well as allow the plant to put up new pitchers. The plant needs sunlight to do the process of Photosynthesis and so produce plant energy. These Plants are native to North America an can be grown outside during the warm summer months and enjoy natural sunlight to make them happy. Again like the “Venus Flytrap plants they need to be stood in a few inches of pure rain water, Distilled water or Reverse Osmosis Water. you must Avoid using Tap water or bottled mineral water as these can eventually kill your plant. Unlike Venus Flytraps Sarracenia can endure  being waterlogged they can thrive in very boggy wet  soil but i wouldn't recommend this to much due to the fact of "mold" and "fungus." could destroy your plant over time. Compost: The same mix as Venus Flytraps 2 parts Spagnum Moss to 1 part perlite or washed sand. Winter Care: Many Sarracenia can be kept outside during the wither months. Keep the plants in a sheltered position. You can cover the plants with straw or a plastic cover in very cold weather to give them some extra protection against the extreme cold. Remove old, dead pitchers as they form during the winter months. Reduce the water in there tray & keep them just moist but NOT wet like in the summer months.
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