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Sarracenia - Hybrids          Page 01                                                       All Sarracenia Plants Can Be Sent Out Bare Rooted Or Potted. S.Flava x S.Flava Cuprea x S.Flava Claret: S. x Moorei Copper Top x S.Flava var rubricorpora x S. Flava var atropurpurea:   Sarracenia - “Firefly”:   S. Flava var rubricorpora - ‘Claret’  x S. Flava Rugelii Giant:   Sarracenia - “Bloodwulf”:   : Sarracenia - Scarlet Empress:   Sarracenia - Red Dwarf   Sarracenia - Lynda Butt:   Sarracenia - Red Hatter:   Sarracenia - Thunderdance:   Sarracenia - Red Sentinel:   Sarracenia :   Photo Coming Soon