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Carnivore Plants   “Beginners - Plant Care Guides” 
1, Location: You have just purchased your first Drosera (Sundew) plant. How do you care for it. Well the first thing is you need to do is find a good location where you can keep your Drosera plant. It MUST have access to lot’s of direct sunlight. Sunlight will give your plant energy to grow new leaves and lot’s of sticky dew so that your plant can catch insects. Without sunlight your plant will most likely not produce the sticky dew on it’s leaves. So you MUST choose the location where you would like to keep your plant carefully. Your plant needs as much direct sunlight as possible so a sunny Greenhouse or a South facing window sill indoors are perfect locations. The insects that the Drosera plant catches supply nutrients just as fertiliser would supply nutrients to a normal plant. But sunlight is one of the biggest things to a healthy colourful Drosera plant. 2, Watering: Once you have found a nice location for your Drosera plant. Next your plant will need some pure clean water. The Drosera plants normally grow in boggy areas in the wild. So the best & easiest way to provide water to your plant is to stand your plant in a tray or saucer of water. Your Drosera plant will absorb the water up slowly through it’s roots so you will need to check your plant say once or twice a week in hot weather to see if the tray or saucer needs to be topped up. This next part is very important to your plant. You MUST not give your Drosera plant “Tap Water” As the high mineral content in tap water will most likely kill your plant in a number of weeks !! So the only safe water to give your Drosera is either Clean Fresh Rainwater or Distilled Water, Or you can also use “Reverse Osmosis Water” which you can either make using a Portable Reverse Osmosis Unit. It is possible to also purchase Reverse Osmosis Water from aquatic shops. As this is used in alot of Aquariums. Also note that Bottled mineral water that you can purchase from supermarkets etc. Is NOT to be used as again the mineral content is much to high for your Drosera plant. If in time your collection of plants becomes much larger it may be worth investing in a “Portable Reverse Osmosis Unit” that you can connect to your garden hose pipe & turn your tap water into pure clean water that you can use with your carnivorous plants. These portable reverse osmosis units are designed for aquarium use & can be purchased from ebay sellers or aquarium suppliers. And can be useful in drought situations if you have a large collection of carnivorous plants. 3 Winter Care: During the winter season most “Tropical Drosera” plants will continue growing throughout the winter period if you keep them warm enough. Hardy plants like the Capensis, Fork-leaved Drosera plants etc. Will normally die back & go dormant in the winter months. if you keep these in an unheated greenhouse they  should start regrowing when the spring returns. Your Drosera plants should have as much sunlight as possible throughout the winter period. A South or an East facing window can be used. We prefer to keep most of our hardy Sundew above frosty conditions at around 3’C - 5’C.  Extra artificial lighting can be provided for Tropical sundews and can be of great help to your plants in the winter months. During the winter months you MUST reduce your watering try to keep your plants soil just lightly moist you can top water the plant & tip away any excess water that appears in the tray. As if the soil is to wet the Drosera plant can easily rot out during the winter time. If you do find the plant has started to rot out try to remove any rotten material from the plant. If you find the leaves are rotting back you need to remove all rotten foliage & then let the soil become much drier. But the soil MUST NEVER fully dry out you MUST keep the soil lightly moist or just damp. I also find high humidity during the winter months in a cold or unheated greenhouse can also cause plants to start rotting due to the high humidity and the cold temperatures. 4 Spring & Summer Care: From around March to April your Hardy Drosera plants that have been dormant will start producing new fresh growth.
Ok you have just purchased your first Drosera (Sundew) Plant. So how do you look after your plant ? Here is a Care Guide aimed at the beginner in mind.
Care Guide For The Drosera (Sundew) Plants
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