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Tuberous Sundews   “Beginners - Plant Care Guides” 
1, Overview: Tuberous Drosera live in areas like Southern Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand, And Japan where winters are mild and rainy while summers are hot and dry. The tubers start growing in the Autumn when the first rain appears. Drosera Peltata & Auriculata are great plants which are quite easy for beginners to grow. 2, Location: You have just purchased your first Tuberous Drosera (Sundew) plant. How do you care for it. The first thing you need to do is find a good location where you can keep your Drosera plant. It MUST have access to lot’s of direct sunlight. Sunlight will give your plant energy to grow new leaves and produce lot’s of sticky dew so that your plant can catch insects. Without sunlight your plant will most likely not produce the sticky dew on it’s leaves. Which is an indication that your plant needs more light. So you MUST choose the location carefully where you would like to keep your plant. A sunny Greenhouse or a South facing window sill indoors are perfect locations. The insects that the Drosera plant catches supply nutrients just as fertiliser would supply nutrients to a normal plants. But sunlight is one of the biggest things to good healthy colourful Drosera plants. 3, Watering: Your sundew plant likes similar conditions to other carnivorous plants. The easiest way to water your sundew is to stand your plant in a shallow tray of rainwater or distilled water. Never use tap water due to the chemicals & minerals found in tap water which will most certainly slowly kill your plant. 4, Growing Season (Winter/Spring): During the growing season you need to stand your tuberous Drosera plant in a tray of clean rainwater. It’s best to give the plants as much sunlight as possible. And also it is best to keep them frost free. Some plants can take very light frosts but it is safer to keep them above freezing conditions if possible. You can also provide extra artificial fluorescent or Led light on dark cloudy days during the late winter months which can be bonus but it is not required only an extra option. 5,  Summer Dormancy: During late Spring/Summer months when the daylight period increases and the days become hotter Tuberous Drosera normally start to die back and go dormant. Hot days can also make plants die back much quicker sometimes. When the plant growth starts to die back it is best to keep the soil just lightly moist for a month or so to give the plants time to form there resting tubers. If your plant does not go dormant it is best not to force it in any way. But keep the soil just lightly moist not to wet at this time. When your plants have been dormant for over a month you can carefully dig away some of the soil to check the tubers. Please note keeping the dormant tubers very wet during the summer months may rot them out. So it is critical that the soil remain very lightly moist (Not to Wet) Tubers may also be dug up & stored in plastic zip-lock bags in a dark cool location like a fridge. Then re- planted again in late September.
So how do you look after your Turberous Drosera plant ? Here is a Care Guide aimed with the beginner in mind.
Care Guide For The Tuberous Drosera (Sundew) Plants
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