Venus Flytrap Seeds Propagation Guide.
Growing Venus Flytraps From Seeds. A Step By Step Guide. Venus Flytraps can easily be propagated from seeds. The following guide we will show you how you can easily propagate Venus Flytrap from seeds. Once you have purchased your fresh Venus Flytrap seeds. The first question most people have is do i need to “Stratification” my seeds. Stratification is a process which will simulate a winter season for the seeds. Venus Flytrap plants flower in the spring time & set there seeds during summer so “NO” you do not need to “Stratification” your seeds. If you wish to preserve your seeds for sowing at a later date it is best to keep your seeds stored in a refrigerator to help them remain fresh for a longer period of time. 1, The first thing you will need is a pot of sphagnum peat moss soil which has a little perlite mixed in. For which to sow your new seeds on. Never use normal general potting soil (Compost) as found in most garden centres. As normal potting mixes usually contain nutrients added into the soil mix which will kill your plants. As Venus Flytraps can only be grown in poor nutrient free soil which most growers use “sphagnum peat moss” as there soil media. 2, You can use a block of wood or similar flat object like the bottom of another pot to flatten the surface of the “sphagnum peat moss soil” so that it is nice & level ready for sowing your seeds. To which once you have a nice flat soil surface you are then ready to sow your seeds. 3, Please note it is best to sow your seeds directly onto the surface of the “sphagnum peat moss soil” Do not bury the seeds as burying the seeds will tend to inhibit there germination. As light & heat will play an important roll in helping your seeds to germinate. 4, It is advisable to place some white paper onto a table with which to work over as when you unwrap your seed packet. Then if you happen to drop a seed you should be able to find it easily as Venus Flytrap seeds are very tiny & jet black in colour. You can use the fold of the seed packet by holding the paper over your pot & gently tapping the paper which you can gently shake the seed onto the soil surface. 5, Once you have sowed your seeds evenly onto the surface of the soil. You need to stand the pot of seeds into a tray of rainwater or Distilled water.  You can also if you wanted to lightly spray a fine misting of water onto the surface of the soil twice per day which will help with humidity and so help with the germination. You need to keep the soil just damp never waterlogged. 6, It may take some months for the seeds to germinate. The seeds must be kept warm at around 20’C and also have very good lighting conditions which will also help with germination. You can place the pot on a sunny window sill as long as you keep the soil moist at all times by keeping the water topped up in the water tray and mist twice a day you must never allow the soil to dry out as this will kill the seedlings. The regular misting can help keep the humidity up which will give you better germination. The seeds should germinate over the following months. You can purchase fresh Venus Flytrap Seeds From our Seed Section
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